power of gaze
young soldier
  • -Let's just say we bury the hatchet
  • -Yes. But why not in your skull ?
  • -Once upon a time, Rumple to Hook
  • The mountain.

    7 days Paradise

    wonderful timelapse

    "I exist as I am, that is enough."
    Walt Whitman

    Bastille - Flaws - Acoustic [ Live in Paris ]

    Bastille - Flaws
    alternative rock music
    I rather prefer the acoustic version.


    I’m sorry I won’t always be on tumblr for 2month #hollidays# but I’ll fully be here on september !!!!

    Love and revolution
    My friend. My own pic~
    When life puts you in tough situations
    Don’t say “why me”
    Say “try me”
    Norman, a french youtuber

    Please watch this video .
    This is simply heartwarming.
    The power of words..

    "I don’t know what I want do in my life. I just want to succeed."
    A random thought in my head
    In parc Olbius Riquier.After water fight, we sat on the lawn and some removed their clothes.My own pic~2014